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Self Assessment

The Skilled Independent Migration - is aimed to attract highly skilled and employable migrants to New Zealand, to contribute to the New Zealand economy. The Skilled Migration stream, primarily consists of - an assessment of the candidate's level of skills in the nominated occupation, basic requirements and pass the 'Points Test'.  

Factors Your Points


Skilled employment:

Bonus points for NZ employment or offer of employment in:

Relevant Work Experience: (Only if An area of absolute skill shortage):

Additional bonus points for work experience in NZ:

Additional bonus points for work experience in an identified future growth area: [IT, Biotehcnology, Creative areas]

Additional bonus points for work experience in an area of absolute skill shortage:


Bonus points for:

Close family in NZ:

Total Point



While my migration application is being processed, shall I visit Australia?

Generally, Yes but you may required to meet the visa requirements and establish your requirement to visit Australia .......

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Shall I be granted my migrant visa whereas I am in Australia?

No. If you have launched an off-shore visa, you should be outside Australia before you could be granted the migrant visa. Hence you must depart Australian and collect your visa outside Australia and then entry Australia with the migrant visa........

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Where should Non-Resident Indian take IELTS test?

IELTS test can be undertaken in their current country of residences. With