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Migration to New zealand

Independent Skilled Permanent Resident Visa:

Every year about 30,000 places are allotted for Skilled Migration amongst the 50,000 places available, and who meet the following:.

  • • Health
  • • Character
  • • English language ability
  • • Occupational registration
  • • AGE: Be under 56.
  • • Point Test

Additional Points are awarded for Qualification and / or Experience in Skills wanted: Industries which have a strong demand for skilled people:

  • • Education
  • • Health and medical groups
  • • Information and communications technology
  • • Agriculture and farming
  • • Engineering
  • • Trades.

Principal applicants:  The minimum standard of English is an International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) certificate, with a band score of 6.5 or better in the General or Academic modules. This certificate must be less than two years old. However, in exceptional cases, NZ may consider one of the following as evidence if you can show that you:

  • • have a recognised qualification from a course taught entirely in English,
  • • have ongoing skilled employment in New Zealand, and have been in the job for at least the last
  • 12 months, or
  • • have other evidence proof of competency in English. NZ will consider a number of factors.

Selection Process:

  • •On submission of EOI, applicants with 140 points or more will be automatically
  • selected from the pool.
  • • Applicants having points score of 100 or more but less than 140 – are selected
  • according to their points ranking – in sufficient numbers to meet the NZ
  • immigration program
  • .
  • • EOI will remain in Pool for 6 months, after which, applicant MUST re-apply.

As a part of the Application process, the applicant may be interviewed on their familiarity with NZ..

If the qualifications does not align with those listed in the Recognized Qualifications by NZ immigration, then need an NZQA assessment. For qualifications that needs NZ registration, points will only be allotted if have a provisional or full registration. Examples are Nurses, Doctors, Dentists etc

Only employment in a skilled occupation for a third party will be taken towards experience.

  • • No self employment period will be accepted for points allotment, and hence
  • may need to consider only business migration categories.
  • • Must be full time equivalent - 30 hours per week.

Only paid salary or wages (Commission or retainer is NOT acceptable).

Currently NZ recognizes three broad areas which has considerable opportunity to increase prosperity in the future: 1. Biotechnology, 2. Information Communication Technology, and 3. Creative Industries. Points are awarded for Qualification / and Experience in the field. [Creative Industries: Advertising, Software, computing services, Publishing, TV and Radio, Film, Video, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Music, Performing Arts, Visual arts etc].

NZ has an ongoing and sustained shortage of skilled workers in these areas: - which are listed on the ‘Long Term Skill Shortage List’ (LTSSL).

  • • Points are provided for current employment in the areas of Absolute
  • skills Shortage
  • • Points are provided for Experience and / or qualifications in Areas of Absolute
  • Skills shortage.
  • To claim work experience points - MUST have worked in an “Area of Absolute Skills Shortage’ OR Must have the experience gained in a labour market – that is comparable to NZ.

    • • Comparable Labour Markets: Australia, Singapore, UK, USA, Malaysia, South
    • Africa, Japan, France etc. (India, Sri Lanka, Thailand are NOT listed...).
    • • For example, work Experience gained in India / Sri Lanka / Thai will be acceptable –
    • only if it is in an Area of Absolute Skills Shortage.


While my migration application is being processed, shall I visit Australia?

Generally, Yes but you may required to meet the visa requirements and establish your requirement to visit Australia .......

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Shall I be granted my migrant visa whereas I am in Australia?

No. If you have launched an off-shore visa, you should be outside Australia before you could be granted the migrant visa. Hence you must depart Australian and collect your visa outside Australia and then entry Australia with the migrant visa........

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Where should Non-Resident Indian take IELTS test?

IELTS test can be undertaken in their current country of residences. With regard to medical test we can forward DIAC's approved officers contact details.

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While my migration application is being processed, shall I visit Australia?

Generally yes, but you may required to meet the visa requirements and establish your requirement to visit Australia.

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What is the Total Processing time for Immigration?

Approx the time for processing an application for immigration, as experienced by us are usually between 12 to 15 months. However this varies on case to case basis, as well as the delay in submission of document by applicants.

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